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Media Distortion


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U.S. media coverage of Israel-Palestine is consistently Israel-centric. Palestinian deaths – which in virtually all cycles of violence occur first and in far greater numbers – are reported at far lower rates than Israeli deaths. Most are not reported at all.

Coverage of the Israel Lobby is so minimal that many well-informed Americans are unaware of such entities as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), even though it is one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in the U.S.

Significant legislation is frequently not covered, major junkets to Israel go unreported, incidents are covered with considerable pro-Israel spin.

Newspapers publish a disproportionate number of pro-Israel opinion pieces; frequently they will refuse to publish articles containing negative facts that about Israel or that describe the plight of Palestinians.

Israeli assaults on Americans, such as the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and torture of American citizens, receive inordinately small or inaccurate coverage.

Control bureaus for the region are located in Israel and are frequently populated by people with personal and family ties to the Israeli military.

Since the press is arguably the most powerful institution in the United States, this pattern of distorted news coverage plays a major role in policy formation..

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