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Israel Schemes to Paint Boycott Backers as Terrorists: Spies Ordered to Dig Up Dirt Ahead of ‘Media Blitz’, 2/10/14 – It may seem like an incredibly lazy and not particularly inventive strategy, but Israel is willing to bet that, amid threats of a new push for boycott and divestment from the settlements, they can slander boycott advocates into silence. Israel held a whole special “ministerial meeting” on the matter recently, according to the […]

Congress Introduces Unconstitutional Bill Against BDS

ADC, 2/6/14 – Today in Congress an unconstitutional bill was introduced, and if passed it would stifle academic freedom, chill free speech, and penalize the use of non-violent means of resistance and protest against the Israeli occupation. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has received a lot of attention in recent months, after various American […]

The Academic Boycott of Israel and the Complicity of Israeli Academic Institutions in Occupation of Palestinian Territories

By Uri Yacobi Keller. Alternative Information Center, October 2009 –  The idea of an academic boycott of Israel first emerged in 2002 as part of the growing boycott and divestment campaign against Israel, itself a part of the struggle against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and the violation of Palestinian human and national rights. […]

Congressmen Try to Restrict Free Speech To Prevent Boycotts of Israel

…Roskam’s bill is blatantly unconstitutional, as are the various bills in the state legislatures… By Mitchell Plitnick. Lobelog, 02/07/14 –  Earlier this week, a bill was hastily removed from the agenda of the New York State Assembly. The bill was designed as a response to the American Studies Association’s decision to boycott Israeli educational institutions. […]

Why the Boycott Movement Scares Israel

By Omar Barghouti. New York Times, 1/31/14 – If Secretary of State John Kerry’s attempts to revive talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority fail because of Israel’s continuing construction of illegal settlements, the Israeli government is likely to face an international boycott “on steroids,” as Mr. Kerry warned last August. These days, Israel seems […]

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