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Israel’s Control Over America Grows Ever Stronger

US foreign policy is based on appeasing the Jewish state Back in September 2017 I wrote an article for the Unz Review site entitled “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars” with the subtitle “Shouldn’t they recuse themselves when dealing with the Middle East?” The article focused on the fact that most of the individuals and groups in the US […]

Land of the Free?

Better watch what you say and to whom Interestingly, Scott Ritter’s name appeared prominently on the Ukrainian “Disinformation” hit list. And not terribly surprisingly, the mainstream media, which is in sync with the government on the wars in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, did not give the Ritter story much coverage. The silence is […]

What Has Israel Done for Americans in the Past Week?

They’ve taken our money & weapons and made us complicit as war criminals The Jewish Virtual Library asserts that “The US-Israel relationship is based on the twin pillars of shared values and shared interests. Given this commonality of interests and beliefs, it should not be surprising that support for Israel is one of the most pronounced and consistent […]

Washington Digs In Deeper on Its Support for Israel

Claims of “terrorism” and “antisemitism” promote the perpetual victim narrative Judging by developments over the past several weeks, it would appear that nothing going on in Washington matters quite as much as defending Israel no matter what the Jewish state does. The White House and its befuddled leader President Joe Biden are obsessed with every […]

Old Genocide Joe Has Got to Go!

Embracing Netanyahu does not constitute a foreign policy It is extremely difficult to discern what might be the thinking behind the clueless President Joe Biden and his Blinken-Austin-Mayorkas foreign-policy-plus national security team. Or rather, the problem is that there does not appear to be any thinking about it at all if one measures it by […]

Protecting Israel Is Washington’s Number One Job

The White House and Congress rally around the Star of David Flag When, as expected, President Joe Biden signs off on the Antisemitism Awareness Act the Department of Education will be empowered to send so-called antisemitism monitors to enforce civil rights law at public schools as well as at colleges to observe and report on levels of […]

In Memoriam remembering Pete McCloskey

Pete McCloskey, antiwar candidate who took on Nixon, dies at 96 In Memoriam remembering Pete McCloskey, former congressman and board member of the Council for the National Interest where I am Director. A brave man who fought for peace and defended Palestinian rights! When Pete McCloskey challenged President Nixon for the Republican nomination in 1972, […]

The Enemy Is Among Us?

Anti-genocide groups are being targeted by media and government Well friends, the verdict is in! If you are opposed to Israel’s slaughter of something like forty thousand Palestinians, mostly women and children, or the clearly enunciated plans by that nation’s government to ethnically cleanse the rest of historic Palestine, making the developing Eretz or Greater […]

Students Are Taking the Lead in Denouncing Gaza Atrocities

Israel and its friends malign them as “antisemites” If you were wondering why or how the mainstream media coverage of what is taking place in Gaza is so slanted as to make it look like a real war between two well-armed and competitive adversaries instead of a massacre of civilians, wonder no longer! A leak […]

War and Peace in an Ocean of Lies

Does anyone in Washington care about Israel’s crimes? One expects that anyone involved in politics will lie whenever they think they can get away with it to burnish one’s own image and while also distorting reality to promote policies that are being favored. Nevertheless, the record of high crimes committed by a series of presidents […]

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