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USS Liberty

Israel’s War Crimes Have Killed Americans

If the president loves to honor the military, start with the U.S.S. Liberty Imagine if you will a ship from a nation not at war with anyone sailing in international waters on a quiet June day being suddenly attacked by unidentified warplanes and torpedo boats, their markings covered up to conceal their country of origin. […]

“Suppose You Held a Memorial Service and NOBODY Came” (USS Liberty V.A.)

June 12, 2014 To: Everyone Who Honors All of Our Battle Dead — This Obviously Does Not Include The National Leaders of The Department of Defense, The Navy Department, The American Legion, The Navy League and Every Member of Congress Subject: Annual USS Liberty Memorial Service Suppose you gave a memorial service for Americans killed […]

Leaving the USS Liberty Crew Behind

By Ray McGovern. Consortium News – On June 8, 1967, Israeli leaders learned they could deliberately attack a U.S. Navy ship and try to send it, together with its entire crew, to the bottom of the Mediterranean – with impunity. Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats attacked the USS Liberty, a state-of-the-art intelligence collection platform sailing […]

Aid and Comfort to the Enemy: American Legion Honchos Betray Liberty Veterans

By Alison Weir. Counterpunch – The American Legion, founded in 1919, is the nation’s largest wartime veterans’ assistance organization.According to its mission statement, the Legion is committed to “devotion to our fellow servicemembers and veterans.” Yet, Legion honchos are actively hostile to veterans of the USS Liberty – the most decorated ship since World War II. […]

Death on the USS Liberty: Questions Remain After 35 Years

By William Triplett. The VVA Veteran – Arlington National Cemetery is far from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, but on a beautiful Saturday morning last spring one small patch of the nation’s most hallowed burial ground seemed very close to that long-troubled body of water. On a gentle hillside in Section 34 with sunshine pouring […]

Anti-Semitism tag used as Israeli ploy

By Alison Weir. Argus Leader, October 2013 – In his recent My voice column, “The longest hatred: Alison Weir’s speaking tour,” Steve Hunegs tries to use defamatory claims that I am “anti-Semitic” to divert attention from the facts I provide on Israel-Palestine. This is an old and pervasive tactic. Former Israeli minister Shulamit Aloni explained […]

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