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Fifteen Ailing Palestinian Political Prisoners Face Deteriorating Conditions

Apr 24 2014 / 10:44 pm

IMEMC – Hanan Khatib, one of the lawyers of the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees, stated Thursday that 15 ailing Palestinian political prisoners, held at the Ramla Prison Clinic, are facing deteriorating conditions amidst the lack of adequate medical care.

Khatib said the detainees are denied the right to much needed medical attention and care, and face inhumane treatment, as well.

“The 15 detainees require specialized medical treatment, they need to be hospitalized,” she added.

They have been identified as Shadi Matar, Eyad Radwan, Mansour Mouqada, Riyadh Al-‘Amour, Mo’taz Obeido, Salah At-Teety, Yousef Nawaj’a, Nahedh Al-Aqra’, Daoud Abu Hayya, Kifah Hattab, Ashraf Abu al-Hoda, Amir Shammas, Fuad Shobaky, Tha’er Halahla and Amir As’ad.

She further stated that detainee Abu al-Hoda was recently shot and wounded by the arresting soldiers, and that his injury was to the pelvis and spine, causing paralysis and various complications.

The bullets are still in his body; he requires surgery, but Israel continues to ignore his urgent medical needs.

In addition, detainee Mouqada is wheelchair bound and has had most of his intestines replaced with artificial ones, in addition to facing urinary tract and respiratory issues, as well as a tumor is his neck, but is not receiving any medical treatment.

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