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Is There ANY Crime Israel Commits That You Won’t Justify?

Sep 15 2014 / 3:33 am

By Alan Goodman.

Welcome to the Revolution – I have two questions for the Creative Community For Peace (CCFP). They ran an ad in the New York Times (September 13, 2014) titled “Commitment for Peace and Justice.” This ad has nothing to do with peace, much less justice. Despite its title, the ad is, as described by the CCFP director, a “show of support by Hollywood for Israel.” It is, despite its title, an unqualified endorsement of Israel’s savage slaughter of the people of Gaza. It is an utterly and totally reactionary statement.

Here are my two questions to everyone who signed it…

One: Is there ANY crime against humanity that Israel commits—massacring children in schoolyards, blowing up hospitals, making hundreds of thousands of people homeless, dispossessing a people of their land, creating an atmosphere of pogroms against those people, and OPENLY PROMISING A “BIGGER HOLOCAUST” ON THEM—that you will not excuse (or even sanctify) by invoking ineffective Hamas rockets?

Two: Do basic, fundamental, moral principles apply all the time? Or only when they serve what you perceive to be your interests and agenda? Are holocausts and genocide OK when they serve the interests of those who rule the U.S. and Israel?

Every great historic crime had its “rationalization.” Hitler had his. Israel has theirs (which you repeat in your ad). But if it was wrong for the Nazis to carry out a Holocaust against the Jews (a great historic crime), how do you justify Israel’s genocidal holocaust against the Palestinian people?

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