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Israeli Settlers Uproot Trees, Soldiers Kidnap AP Jounalist, Palestinians

Jan 26 2014 / 7:15 pm

IMEMC, January 26, 1014 – After dozens of settlers uprooted Palestinian trees and farmlands near Wad Rahhal village, south of Bethlehem, Israeli soldiers kidnapped coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, and detained two journalists.Palestine TV has reported that tension has been mounting in the area since early morning hours, Sunday, after the settlers uprooted Palestinian trees belonging to resident Ahmad Ayyash, in Khallit An-Nahla area.

It added that the soldiers kidnapped Hasan Breijiyyah, as he and a number of nonviolent activists and residents, tried to stop the settlers.

Soldiers also detained Ahmad Mizher, a cameraman working for the Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA), and Abdul-Rahman Hashlamoun who works for the Associated Press.

Mizher told WAFA that the residents tried to stop the settlers who were uprooting Palestinian trees, in Khallit An-Nahla area, belonging to Wad Rahhal, south of Bethlehem.

Fifteen minutes before his arrest, Breijiyyah told WAFA that around 15 Israeli settlers carrying handheld saws and digging equipment, invaded the Palestinian orchard — approximately 700 dunams (172.97 acres) – and initiated their attack in an attempt to illegally confiscate it and install an outpost.

He added that dozens of residents scuffled with the settlers in an attempt to stop them before the soldiers invaded the area and assaulted the Palestinian villagers.

The area in question is subject to ongoing assaults carried out by Israeli settlers living in nearby illegal settlements and outposts.

Settlers Uproot Palestinian Land Near Bethlehem

[Sunday, January 26, 2014] A number of Israeli settlers invaded Palestinian land belonging to a resident of the Wad Rahhal village, south of Bethlehem, and uprooted it, Palestine TV has reported.

Hasan Breijiyyah, coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements in the Bethlehem district, said that around 15 extremist settlers invaded the farmland of resident Ahmad Ayyash, in Khallit An-Nahla area, and uprooted dozens of trees.

Breijiyyah added that the land in question is around 700 dunams (172.97 acres), and that it was repeatedly attacked by settlers who aim at installing an illegitimate settlement outpost.

On Saturday evening, a number of Palestinians were injured when a number of Israelis threw stones at them, and their cars, in occupied East Jerusalem.

Settler groups are responsible for thousands of attacks against the Palestinians, their lands and property, and even against the Islamic and Christian holy sites and graveyards.

The attacks include writing racist graffiti, smashing tombstones, burning and defacing holy sites, burning orchards, farmlands, in addition to burning cars, slashing tires and numerous physical attacks against the Palestinians, including children and elderly..

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