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Suing the Israeli Settlers: Lawfare might work in two directions

An Israeli NGO has been winning millions of dollars in U.S. courts in order to stifle criticism of Israel. Now a pro-Palestinian group is suing 100 pro-Israel organizations in an attempt to recoup a trillion dollars for the U.S. treasury that it says was improperly exempted from taxation… By Philip Giraldi Shurat HaDin, the Israeli government funded Lawfare center, has […]

No Matter Who Becomes President Israel Wins

Adelson and Saban should register as foreign agents By Philip Giraldi The next American president will almost certainly be bought and paid for by the Israel Lobby. Hillary Clinton has already declared that that when she is elected president she intends to take relations with Israel “to the next level” and has also promised to invite Prime […]

The Dancing Israelis: Trump was right about 9/11 but they weren’t Muslims

There were indeed people celebrating as the Twin Towers were burning, but they were not Muslims. They were Israelis….. A number of cover companies in New Jersey, Florida and also on the west coast served as spying mechanisms for Mossad officers. The effort was supported by the Mossad Station in Washington D.C… By Philip Giraldi […]

Zionist Power: Swindlers and Impunity, Traitors and Pardons

State terror assaults, such as those taking place daily in Palestine, incite tensions between Zionists and non-Zionists – and that is their intent….. Influential Zionists have fomented widespread Islamophobia and authored legislation restricting free speech which has outlawed criticism of Israel as ‘anti-Semitism’….. All the major overseas Jewish organizations have marched in step…. In the […]

Mainstreaming Assassination: Endorsing a program of targeted killing opens the door for perilous reciprocation.

What constitutes evidence that a high-value target is actually near or using the phone being tracked? Is it now assumed that anyone fitting a profile residing in an area controlled by ISIS or al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra a legitimate target? As the information is being provided by the Pentagon anonymously, its release is actually authorized, even […]

Foreign Policy by Intimidation: GOP Candidates Show How It’s Done

the potential candidates demonstrated an inability to connect with reality and scrupulously avoided basing U.S. policies overseas on actual interests and available resources By Philip Giraldi The media are anointing former Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Carly Fiorina as the winner of last Wednesday’s second Republican presidential-aspirant debate. They are saying that she was the best prepared […]

The CIA’s Torture Defenders

The seven men who contributed to the book (George Tenet, Michael Hayden, Porter Goss, John McLaughlin, Michael Morell, Jose Rodriguez, John Rizzo, and Philip Mudd) are, with the exception of Mudd, quite likely guilty of war crimes By Philip Giraldi Back in the days when I was a spy there were certain things that one […]

Israel’s Agent of Influence: Senator Ben Cardin shows how it’s done

So who does Cardin actually represent? I would suggest that he fits the mold of the classic agent of influence in that his allegiance to the United States is constrained by his greater loyalty to a foreign nation. By Philip Giraldi – “An agent of influence is an agent of some stature who uses his […]

A Refugee Crisis Made in America

In 2008, on the front page, was a color photo of a two year old Iraqi boy being pulled from the rubble of a house that had been destroyed by American missiles. The little boy was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and had on his feet flip-flops. His head was hanging back at an angle […]

Did Iranian Weapons Kill Americans? Another phony argument against a deal with Iran

The bad guys who took aim at Bartlett? They were people defending their homes and families against an invader… his claim that he was maimed by Iranian provided weapons should not go unchallenged. In actual fact, it is a lie. By Philip Giraldi – There is a new entrant in the already crowded field of […]

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