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Marching for Israel?

American and Israeli war criminals celebrate together For those who missed it or chose to ignore it, there was a large demonstration in Washington on Tuesday the 14th dubbed the “March for Israel” with many posters and signs featuring “Israel We Stand With You.” I have no big problem with Americans “standing with Israel” as long as they […]

Christianity’s Survival in Israel Is Under Attack

Extremist government headed by Netanyahu promotes de facto ethnic cleansing Israel’s new government is still taking shape, but some of the policy changes being promoted are so Jewish-centric that they will inevitably impact disproportionately on minority disadvantaged communities like the Palestinian Christians and Muslims. The government itself is already being described in the press as the “most […]

Bari We Hardly Knew You

Bari Weiss bids The New York Times farewell This week’s resignation of neoconservative journalist Bari Weiss from the position of staff editor and contributor on the opinion page at The New York Times provoked considerable discussion both for and against her. Her resignation letter, which was quickly made public, depicts her as a brave non-conformist, a “conservative” among liberals (though she describes herself […]

Israeli Welfare Ministry, Foster Agencies, Traffic in Palestinian Children

Israel’s bureaucratic system of stealing children from their parents… Tikun Olam– January 9, 2016 By Richard Silverstein Daniella Vaknin’s daughter, Adel, at her settlement pre-school   A few A few months ago, I wrote about a shocking Israeli Supreme Court decision which ratified the officially-sanctioned theft of children from a mixed Jewish-Palestinian couple and their adoption by an Orthodox Jewish couple […]

An Israeli leader’s war on Christianity, calls Christian missionaries “blood-sucking vampires”

A powerful Israeli leader with a charismatic message that resonates deeply with tens or hundreds of thousands of Israelis writes: “Christmas has no place in this our holy land.  Evangelicals must not gain a footing here.  Expel the vampires from our land before they once again suck our blood.” Accused of murdering a Palestinian couple, he has never […]

Zionist Organization Schedules Conference to Lure Christians Back into Supporting Israel

Since support for Israel is evaporating among US evangelicals, a pro-Israel organization is holding a conference in Hollywood this month to lure them back Richard Edmondson, Fig Trees and Vineyards The pro-Israel CAMERA organization plans to hold a conference in order to woo US evangelical Christians back into the Christian Zionist fold. The event is set […]

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