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John Whitbeck

Putting a Christian Zionist in Charge

John Whitbeck’s commentary: In the article transmitted below, Philip Giraldi considers the national embarrassment to Canada posed by its prime minister Stephen Harper and warns against the risk and threat of putting in charge of a country’s foreign policy an individual in the grip of “nuttier-than-fruitcake” superstition. This threat is, obviously, not unique to Canada. […]

Afghanistan Exit Is Seen as Peril to C.I.A. Drone Mission

John Whitbeck’s commentary: On January 24, I wrote at the end of my introduction to an article on Iraq that the Obama administration’s impulse to maintain an American military presence in Afghanistan for another ten years “can be explained only by a self-interested concern of American political and military ‘leaders’ to kick the can down […]

Love Life of Israeli PM’s Son Sparks Uproar

John Whitbeck’s commentary: While polls show that more than three-quarters of the French people view their president’s erratic love life as a private affair, it appears from the AP news report, published by the International New York Times, transmitted below that the love life of the Israeli prime minister’s son is widely viewed in the […]

Israeli PM would let all illegal settlers remain in West Bank, official says

John Whitbeck’s commentary: Transmitted below is a link to an article in the TIMES OF ISRAEL on a clarification of Bibi Netanyahu’s vision for Israeli-Palestinian “peace” which should have attracted more attention in the Western media than it has so far. Perhaps the prime minister is worried that his two carefully carefully crafted poison […]

Otherwise Occupied / The slippery slope of recognizing Israel as the Jewish state

John Whitbeck’s commentary: In the article transmitted below, HAARETZ columnist Amira Hass considers, with considerable help from Nabeel Shaath, Bibi Netanyahu’s diversionary tactic of demanding that Palestine must formally recognize Israel as a “Jewish State”, a demand unfortunately “swallowed” by John Kerry, who, in accordance with a decades-old tradition, appears to be adopting Israel’s goals, […]

Making things worse in the Middle East

John Whitbeck’s commentary: Transmitted below is a clear-headed reflection from Fareed Zakaria, who, it may be worth noting, supported the American invasion of Iraq which, as he now realizes, blew the lid off Pandora’s Box. Making things worse in the Middle East By Fareed Zakaria. Washington Post – Over the past few months, the Middle East has […]

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