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Haaretz Investigation: U.S. Donors Gave Settlements More Than $220 Million in Tax-exempt Funds Over Five Years

Non-profit groups are lavishly funding with tax-deductible U.S. dollars the same West Bank settlements the US administration considers obstacles to peace. Among those benefiting from tax-deductible donations is a yeshiva headed by the authors of a book that details when it is permissible to kill non-Jews, including infants… Uri Blau, Ha’aretz – Private U.S. donors […]

JTA: A tally of how Jewish lawmakers are voting on the Iran deal

Identity politics is a fact of American life. There is a Congressional Black Caucus, a Congressional Hispanic Caucus and a Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus. Jewish lawmakers meet, they consult, their staffs check in with one another. Every four years, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee assembles a “Breakfast with Mishpocha” at political conventions. But there is […]

Biden & Obama vs the Israel lobby’s push to kill Iran deal

Vice President Joe Biden had an intimate phone call with a thousand Jewish leaders, beseeching, teaching and preaching the Iran nuclear deal. Biden said, “Quite frankly, I wouldn’t be in this job or any job that I had in elected politics were it not for this community, among others.” Obama said the Iran deal would […]

Israeli diplomat in Berlin: Maintaining German guilt about Holocaust helps Israel – Israel has no interest in normalization of relations with Germany

… in a closed briefing session with Israeli journalists a spokeswoman for the Israeli embassy in Berlin said it was an Israeli interest to maintain German guilt feelings… The spokes person said “it was an off-the-record conversation, a briefing talk. The way I speak with Israeli journalists is a little different. These things aren’t intended […]

Fast-track trade bill requires US to object to boycotts of Israel, could hurt dealings with Europe

…“discouraging” Israel boycotts would become one of the “principal negotiating objectives” of U.S. officials in bill just passed by both chambers of Congress… The bill’s passage could compromise trade dealings with Europe… AIPAC pushed inclusion of the language… JTA, “Congress writes boycott opposition into trade talks” June 25, 2015 — Congress included a provision in […]

Jerusalem Post: The importance [pro-Israel] Jews have played in the life of Hilary Clinton

…in 2000, Clinton repeatedly secured the Tuesday-morning slot at national Jewish conferences for AIPAC and the Jewish Federations of North America, among others – a slot reserved for the most respected pro-Israel figure in Congress… For her 2016 bid, Clinton has lined up pro-Israel funding powerhouses who helped fuel her ’08 bid, like entertainment mogul […]

Sheldon Adelson To Host Secret Anti-BDS Summit for Jewish Donors

Organized by several other top Jewish funders, including Hollywood entertainment mogul Haim Saban, Israeli-born real-estate developer Adam Milstein and Canadian businesswoman Heather Reisman….. attendees will be ADL, Hillel, Jewish Federations, and StandWithUs. Nathan Guttman, Forward –  Leading Jewish mega-donors have summoned pro-Israel activists for a closed-door meeting in Las Vegas to establish, and fund, successful […]

Online database ‘exposes’ pro-Palestinian college students in bid to block future jobs

Ha’aretz – A new website is publicizing the identities of pro-Palestinian student activists to prevent them from getting jobs after they graduate from college. But the website is keeping its own backers’ identity a secret. “It is your duty to ensure that today’s radicals are not tomorrow’s employees,” a female narrator intones in a slick video posted to the […]

Joe Lieberman: Next U.S. president will bring warmer relations with Israel

“I think there will be a friend of Israel in the White House,” he said, noting that both Clinton and the leading Republican candidates all have pro-Israel records…Lieberman, who has been to Israel more than 50 times, arrived to receive the Guardian of Zion Award… He is concerned that that younger Democratic activists “are more […]

Jews, Non-Jews, and the New Israeli Government—by Peter Eisenstadt

The Birthright group leader made the following statement. He said he had Italian neighbors “and they’re wonderful, but if I had to decide whether to save their lives or the life of one Jew, I would choose to save the Jew. If I had to choose to save 100 non-Jews or one Jew, I would […]

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