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The Attack on the Nuclear Deal, the Israel Factor, and the Iran Peace Scare

“…for the Israeli government and Israel’s American lobby, Iran’s alleged nuclear threat has served the same purpose as Saddam’s non-existent WMD—it generates public support against a target that is designated for other reasons… ”   By Stephen J. Sniegoski American critics are going all out to derail President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, which also […]

Biden & Obama vs the Israel lobby’s push to kill Iran deal

Vice President Joe Biden had an intimate phone call with a thousand Jewish leaders, beseeching, teaching and preaching the Iran nuclear deal. Biden said, “Quite frankly, I wouldn’t be in this job or any job that I had in elected politics were it not for this community, among others.” Obama said the Iran deal would […]

AIPAC forms new group to oppose Iran deal – to run TV ads

AIPAC’S “Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran” will spend $20 million to run ads in 30-40 states. Politico – AIPAC, the powerful pro-Israel organization, has launched a new advocacy group to oppose the Iran nuclear deal. Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran, a new 501(c)4 group, is dedicated to informing the public “about the dangers […]

Fast-track trade bill requires US to object to boycotts of Israel, could hurt dealings with Europe

…“discouraging” Israel boycotts would become one of the “principal negotiating objectives” of U.S. officials in bill just passed by both chambers of Congress… The bill’s passage could compromise trade dealings with Europe… AIPAC pushed inclusion of the language… JTA, “Congress writes boycott opposition into trade talks” June 25, 2015 — Congress included a provision in […]

The Use and Abuse of the Anti-Terrorism Act on behalf of Israel

Numerous pro-Israel organizations, including the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, and the Jewish Community Relations Council of the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago, filed amicus briefs supporting the expansive reading of the ATA…… one searches in vain for a single instance in which Israel has been held accountable for its wrongs—for […]

Betty McCollum calls for human rights for Palestinian children

Congressional Representative Betty McCollum (D-Minn) is calling on her colleagues to join her “in a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry urging the Department of State to make the human rights of Palestinian children a priority in our bilateral relationship with Israel.” Over the past decade, at least 7,000 Palestinian children living in the […]

AIPAC-backed amendments add to trade bill turmoil

Critics say provision discouraging boycotts of Israel could legitimize West Bank settlements. Politico – The trade legislation being debated on Capitol Hill is already highly contentious. Amendments added about Israel are raising the rancor even more.The trade bill amendments aim to discourage foreign governments — in particular European ones — from boycotting, divesting from or […]

House Committee votes $474 million more to Israel in AIPAC sponsored legislation

House Armed Services Committee votes more money to Israel, on top of the over $8 million per day it already gets from U.S. taxpayers – far more than to any other nation JTA, House committee approves missile defense funding for Israel – The U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee approved $474 million for Israel’s […]

$286 million more for Israel? House of Reps bill

JTA – Bipartisan legislation to continue funding for the joint U.S.-Israel air defense system known as David’s Sling was introduced in the House of Representatives. [H.R. 1915] The bill introduced Tuesday by Reps. Derek Kilmer, D-Wash., and Jim Bridenstine, R-Okla., would authorize $286 million for procurement, research and development for the midrange missile defense system, […]

Israel to push Congress to pass bill to hamper Iran deal

“Israel will try to persuade congressmen and senators to introduce a clause stipulating that the deal with Iran should be seen as an international treaty requiring Senate ratification and not an agreement.” Ha’aretz, Barak Ravid – Israel will adopt two lines of attack as it tries to thwart – or at least modify – the […]

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