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AIPAC promoted bill would require Congressional approval of any Iran deal; Obama says he will veto it

JTA — The White House said it will veto a bill that would subject any Iran nuclear deal to congressional approval. The bill, which was introduced Friday by leading senators from both parties, would keep the president from suspending sanctions on Iran for 60 days while Congress considers any deal. The White House maintains that […]

Pro-Israel Activists Aim To Block Boycott Movement With Legislation

By Stefanie Loos. Reuters – The most powerful pro-Israel lobbying organization, AIPAC, is working on drafting legislation that would aim to counter the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel, two sources familiar with the situation told BuzzFeed News. The legislation, which has not yet been introduced and has been in the process of being […]

Senator Boxer yields on Israel visa language

“At issue is language that would exempt Israel from having to treat Americans the same way the U.S. treats Israelis before it can be eligible for visa-free travel. Critics say that would allow Israel to discriminate against Arab-Americans and critics of Israel with the U.S. government’s blessing.” By Julian Pecquet. The Hill, 1/31/14 – Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) […]

House spending bill includes full $3.1 billion for Israel

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, January 17, 2014 – Funding to Israel was restored to its pre-sequester levels in the spending bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill keeps funding for Israel at $3.1 billion for 2014, the amount designated in a 10-year memorandum of understanding from 2007 that guaranteed Israel an average of $3 […]

‘Jewish Currents’ on the ethnic make-up of 112th Congress

Written by Lawrence Bush. Jewish Currents, January 5, 2011 – As the 112th Congress convenes, we’re publishing this list of Jewish senators (13) and representatives (27), based on research by Alyssa Goldstein, our magazine’s intern at Bard College. The list includes their top five campaign contributors, the industries or interest groups that fund them most (this financial information comes […]

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