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Fake News Versus No News: How Russia is pilloried while real news about Israel goes unreported

…The Anti-Semitism bill makes Jews and Jewish interests a legally protected class, immune from any criticism. “Free speech” means in practice that you can burn an American flag, sell pornography, attack Christianity in the vilest terms or castigate the government in Washington all you want but criticizing Israel is off limits if you want to […]

Trump and the Media: They hate him and will never relent

Many of us have longed for a president who will shake up the smug oligarchy that runs the New York-Washington bankster-crooked politician axis. Trump may or may not be that man but he at least deserves a chance to prove himself, particularly if he is genuinely interested in détente with Russia and is unwilling to […]

Trump the Anti-Semite? Or is it just that liberal Jews hate Trump?

Someone should tell them that calling someone an anti-Semite is fortunately a slur that is losing its effectiveness through overuse and lack of credibility. Joe Sobran put it very well when he observed that anti-Semite used to be an expression applied to people who hate Jews but now it is more often used to describe […]

The Obstacle to Peace: Washington’s Role as Israel’s Enabler

Hammond sees a Washington that has been so thoroughly subverted by Israeli interests that it has no wiggle room to behave independently ….. When General David Petraeus spoke candidly in 2010, saying that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians was endangering American soldiers operating in the Middle East, he was quickly forced to recant. Hammond also examines […]

‘Propagandising For War’ – Gareth Porter Responds To The BBC Today Programme On Syria

‘The BBC interview is so one-sided and distorts the most basic realities of the issue in Syria that it is a caricature of the media propagandizing for war. It has offered the public two flavors of essentially neoconservative thinking — one perhaps closer to Bush administration thinking, the other closer to the views of Hillary […]

Jeffrey Goldberg & Aaron Miller, pro-Israel Iranophobes

Both Jeffrey Goldberg and Aaron David Miller are members of a hearty band of pro-Israel intellectuals and journalists.  Both harbor deep hostility toward Iran which is nothing less than Iranophobia… Through his young adulthood, Goldberg was a devout follower of Meir Kahane… By Richard Silverstein, Tikkun Olam Despite the P5+1 nuclear deal between Iran and western powers including […]

The Contrived Iran Threat: Another phony excuse for endless war

Iran was not building a nuke and much of the information used to bolster the argument being made turned out to be fabricated by the Israelis themselves… Iran may be many things depending on one’s perspective, but it is not a global or even much of a regional threat. By Philip Giraldi The Israeli Minister of […]

PBS’s Frontline abandons diversity and ethics when it comes to Israel

Even though “diversity” has become obligatory on the Left, this requirement is not applied to the “pundits” who are allowed to speak on Israel – and on the films Frontline will broadcast… Thomas s. Harrington, CounterPunch, “Are US Relations With Israel a Proprietary Matter? The People at PBS’ Frontline Seem to Think So” There are numerous templates available […]

Do Jews On US Campuses Suffer from Discrimination or Benefit from Reverse Discrimination? Is There a New “New Anti-Semitism”? (Part 6)

Whereas it is alleged that US campuses have been hit by a tsunami of anti-Semitism (often through conflating criticism of Israel with “anti-Semitism”) the fact is, Jewish life at the nation’s colleges is thriving as never before while, at the Ivy Leagues, Jews are probably the beneficiaries of reverse discrimination. Norman Finkelstein, BYLINE (Dec. 25, 2015) […]

The Dancing Israelis: Trump was right about 9/11 but they weren’t Muslims

There were indeed people celebrating as the Twin Towers were burning, but they were not Muslims. They were Israelis….. A number of cover companies in New Jersey, Florida and also on the west coast served as spying mechanisms for Mossad officers. The effort was supported by the Mossad Station in Washington D.C… By Philip Giraldi […]

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