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Zionist Power: Swindlers and Impunity, Traitors and Pardons

State terror assaults, such as those taking place daily in Palestine, incite tensions between Zionists and non-Zionists – and that is their intent….. Influential Zionists have fomented widespread Islamophobia and authored legislation restricting free speech which has outlawed criticism of Israel as ‘anti-Semitism’….. All the major overseas Jewish organizations have marched in step…. In the […]

While many more Palestinians have been killed than Israelis, AP focuses only on Israelis

By Alison Weir, Associated Press Deconstructed As is typical, AP’s story is written by an individual with strong connections to Israel. Aron Heller grew up in Israel, graduated from Tel Aviv University, and may be an Israeli citizen. It is likely that he or members of his family have served in the Israeli military. None […]

Hawkish Hillary Clinton and Her Israel-First Political Sugar Daddy Haim Saban

 Hillary Clinton’s greatest billionaire backer has been Haim Saban, a dual United States-Israel citizen and hardline supporter of Israel, who has openly commented, “I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel… Saban is her “major financial backer: one could go so far as to say that he and his donor circle constitute her ‘base’ […]

Watering Israel’s Image: NY Times obscures Israel’s water & resource theft

The New York Times hailed Israel’s ingenuity in addressing its water needs, but played down how Israel exploits its military domination to divert water away from Palestinians and to Israelis, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar explains. Paul Pilar, ConsortiumNews, June 5,2015 –  Israel is the object of widespread admiration for its economic and technical accomplishments […]

Jeb Bush, James Baker, and the Pro-Israel Mega-Donors: The Making of the Republicans’ Middle East Policy

GOP mega-donor Paul Singer,whose financial interests and devotion to Israel combine to produce what can only be characterized as a singular obsession… By Stephen Sniegoski, May 21, 2015 Addressing leading Manhattan financiers at a private meeting in the Metropolitan Republican Club on May 5, Jeb Bush (who is doing everything possible to act like a […]

Campaign against anti-Semitism, or else

A petition telling Amnesty International to focus on “anti-Semitism” is pushed by The Israel Project, which published a 116 page propaganda manual to cover up Israeli crimes… Stuart Littlewood, – Here’s a petition that just landed in my Inbox: Amnesty International’s annual conference has rejected a motion to fight the rise of violent anti-Semitism […]

Jews, Non-Jews, and the New Israeli Government—by Peter Eisenstadt

The Birthright group leader made the following statement. He said he had Italian neighbors “and they’re wonderful, but if I had to decide whether to save their lives or the life of one Jew, I would choose to save the Jew. If I had to choose to save 100 non-Jews or one Jew, I would […]

Allen West thought he was the victim of “Sharia Law” at Walmart (He wasn’t)

Unlike West’s prejudiced conclusion, the actual reason the clerk couldn’t sell him alcohol was because the clerk was under the age of 21, a Walmart policy. MediaMatters – Fox News contributor Allen West went to Walmart and thought he was the victim of “Sharia law” because a checkout clerk under the age of 21 couldn’t […]

Setting the Record Straight: The Greenhouse propaganda—How Gazan history was rewritten to dehumanize Palestinians

Two months prior to the withdrawal, in July of 2005, Israeli settlers demolished about half of the greenhouses…. By Justin Schweigel –According to the history being written by Clinton and Krauthammer, Ariel Sharon made the decision to pull out of Gaza as a goodwill gesture toward peace and left the greenhouses behind so that Palestinians […]

Iran: The Aggressor or the Aggressed Upon? – Stephen Sniegoski

In this in-depth analysis, Dr. Sniegoski concludes that there is no apparent reason that Iran would be a threat to American interests. Some of Iran’s key concerns harmonize with those of the United States, such as maintaining the flow of oil to the industrial world (which has been hindered by American-instigated sanctions) and combating radicals […]

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