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Invite the world to fight ISIS but help it militarily – Indo-Asian News

Indo-Asian News Service, Saeed Naqv – West Asia becomes more mysterious by the minute. Who is fighting whom on whose behalf? The lines were always blurred. Now they are more so. Iraq’s army has just shot down two British planes as they were carrying weapons to the ISIS in Al Anbar province. How do we […]

Israeli soldiers shoot unarmed Italian in stomach and chest, in critical condition

Israeli forces also shoot three Palestinians with rubber-coated steel bullets Ma’an — An Italian was critically injured on Friday afternoon after Israeli forces opened live fire on a protest march in the village of Kafr Qaddum west of Nablus. Palestinian Minister of Health Jawad Awwad told Ma’an that an Italian solidarity activist he identified as […]

Israeli officer who ordered killing of Palestinian promoted to head of ‘Depth Corps’

IMEMC – Israeli Brigadier General Roni Numa was promoted to head the Israeli military’s ‘Depth Corps’ this week, despite having ordered the ‘neutralization’ of a Palestinian civilian in 2001. The Palestinian man was killed in the operation, and his wife and children who were in the car with him during the assassination were wounded. They […]

Palestine national soccer team achieves highest-ever FIFA ranking

John Whitbeck’s commentary: Transmitted below is a rare item of good news. This accomplishment of the Palestinian national football team is particularly remarkable in light of Israel’s long-running practices of destroying Palestinian stadiums, preventing players from travelling (including between Gaza and the West Bank), imprisoning or “administratively detaining” them and, in recent incidents, intentionally shooting […]

B’Tselem: 200 Illegal Settlements in West Bank Since 1967

IMEMC – According to B’Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, over 300,000 Israelis live in more than 200 settlements and settlement outposts throughout the West Bank — all established in contravention of international law, some even in contravention of Israeli law. Tens of thousands of hectares of land, including […]

VIDEO: One Month for Schoolchildren in Hebron: Stun Grenades, Tear Gas, and Detentions

IMEMC – For children in al-Khalil (Hebron), the journey to school can be filled with fear, fear of Israeli soldiers, of military weapons, detentions, and arrests. The violence is all too real in this city, and it is unfortunately not an uncommon experience for children, some as young as four-years-old. International Solidarity Movement (ISM) | Hebron […]

Gaza Fisherman Shot by Israeli Navy Dies of His Wounds

IMEMC – A Palestinian fisherman who was recently shot and critically injured by the Israeli navy, off the coast of the northwest part of the Gaza Strip, has died of his wounds today, according to media sources. WAFA correspondence reports that 52-year-old Emad Salem died of his wounds, in the hospital, after being shot with […]

UN Committee urges end to Israeli practice of imprisoning Palestinians without trial

IMEMC – As 120 prisoners enter their sixth week of a water-only hunger strike, and the Israeli government announces plans to begin force-feeding the hunger strikers, a United Nations committee has weighed in on the issue that led the prisoners to begin the hunger strike – detention without trial or charge. The practice is known […]

EU Donates €15.5 Million For May Salaries for Palestinian Government

IMEMC – The European Union granted the Palestinian Authority €15.5 Million for salaries and pensions for the months of May, to be transferred to more than 70.000 government employees, and pensioners, and for other basic expenses. EU Representative John Gatt-Rutter stated that the money would be paid through the European PEGASE mechanism, meant for channeling […]

Netanyahu: Force-feed Hunger-striking Prisoners

IMEMC – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called during Mondays’ meeting of the security cabinet to move forward the discussion on a law to force-feed hunger-striking prisoners. The proposed law was voted in the first instance by the Israeli parliament, although two more votes are needed for it to become law. 70 Palestinian administrative prisoners on […]

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